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Basic Hosting N4,000/yr

We offer the choice of affordable web hosting, 2 Email Box, 10GB Bandwidth, 500MB Web Disk, Free .com.ng First Year, Free SSL

WordPress Hosting ₦1,000/m

The best platform to host WordPress by Softaculous. Setup your WordPress site in 30 seconds and from just ₦1,000 per month.



₦1000/m $3.25/m

  • 60GB Bandwidth
  • 20 Sub-domains
  • 2 Addon Domain
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • 20 MySQL DataBase
  • Weekly Backups
  • Antimalware
  • 2Factor Authentication Security
  • Softaculous App Installer
  • Free SSL Certificate NEW!
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Free DNS Management
  • Free Cloud Backup
  • Free Site Builder
  • Fully Optimized Server
  • Free Remote MX Tools
  • Free SEO Marketing Tools
  • FREE Domain
  • FREE 24/7 Support

Full FeaturesShared Hosting Features

Just what you need for a Basic Web Presence


Lightning Fast Website

All sites are hosted on our Fully Optimized Server

Email included

Custom Email accounts are included in all cpanel accounts

cPanel for Management

Each Client account has cPanel control panel.

200+ Plugins - Powered by Softaculous

Install a Shopping Cart, Photo Gallery, a Blog or any other module in just 1 click

Softaculous Apps
Softaculous Apps
Softaculous Apps
Softaculous Apps
Softaculous Apps
Softaculous Apps
Softaculous Apps
Softaculous Apps
Softaculous Apps
Softaculous Apps
Softaculous Apps
Softaculous Apps

Under the hood

State-of-the-Art Servers

  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2630
  • 128 GB RAM
  • DDOs Protected
  • Octa Core with 2.40 GHz
  • 2 TB SATA in RAID 1

Any Language

  • PHP 5.2.x to 7.0.x, Perl, Python, RoR, GD, cURL, CGI, mcrypt
  • Apache 2.2x
  • MySQL 5.6.38
  • Ruby On Rails

Top-Notch Security

  • Anti Spam & Virus Protection
  • Password Protect Directories
  • Secure FTP Access
  • IP Blocking
  • phpMyAdmin Access


Shared hosting is Web hosting in which the service provider serves pages for multiple Web sites, each having its own Internet domain name, from a single Web server. Most Web hosting companies provide shared hosting. Although shared hosting is a less expensive way for businesses to create a Web presence, it is usually not sufficient for Web sites with high traffic. The Websites with high traffic need a VPS or dedicated Web server, either provided by a Web hosting service or maintained in-house.

Yes, you can host multiple websites with one hosting panel. Choose a hosting plan that has addon domain feature in it, this will allow you to add additional domain names you purchased and controlled in one host panel.

Upgrade your website themes, plugins and core files, if none of these are up to date, your site will be vulnerable and it may be hacked. You can also Install security plugins, when possible

Use a strong username and password so that hackers will find it difficult using tools to guess your password.

Use HTTPS instead of HTTP, As a consumer, you may already know to always look for the green https in your browser bar any time you’ll be providing sensitive information to a website. Most consumers know to recognize those five little letters as an important shorthand for security: they signal that it’s safe to provide financial information on that particular webpage.

You may also activate cloudflare in your cpanel or register an account on cloudflare.com, activate "I am under attack", this will keep bots away from accessing your websites.

You can reach us in many ways when you need help to fix a problem, you can call our help lines or open a support ticket in your account, you can as well click on a live chat button to communicate with us online.

Not at all! All you need to know is what kind of website and hosting you may need and PhilmoreHost will take care of all the other aspects for you. If you are hosting a website for the first time and unsure of the hosting package to choose, you can contact our 24x7 team anytime and we will guide you with a suitable solution. We provide feature rich, user-friendly control panels as a part of our hosting packages that enable you to host and manage websites easily. You can also refer to our regularly updated knowledgebase to gain more knowledge about web hosting terminologies. With PhilmoreHost there is nothing to worry about as we make things easier for you!

We offer cPanel control panel, cPanel is an online Linux-based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a website.
Logging into cPanel through the cPanel URL: Visit example.com/cpanel (Be sure to replace example.com with your actual domain). You will then see a login page, it will look like this: Login using your cPanel username and password.
To upload a file through cPanel's File Manager, please do the following: Login to cPanel.
Under Files, click File Manager.
Select Web Root and Show Hidden Files, then click Go.
Click to open the folder to which you'd like to upload files.
Click Upload from the top toolbar.

If you exceed the web disk space you will need to upgrade to a higher hosting plan in order to get more disk space. And if you exceed the monthly bandwidth, your website will stop loading its files and be blocked by a page, The screen will show: "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded message". This is because your bandwidth capacity has reached its limit.

The options you have are:
1. Upgrade to another higher hosting plan
2. Wait until the new month and the site will auto refresh and the site will be restored.

We will only allow for the refund if cancellation is not the fault of the client, as determined by PhilmoreHost. Accounts closed for violating PhilmoreHost TOS and POLICY do not qualify for a refund.

If you cancel all of our services within the 7 day grace period you will receive your full payment back minus domain registration and set up fees if you were billed for setup fee.

If you have had services with us before you will not be eligible for any type of money back guarantee.

If you got a Free Domain with Hosting Plan, the domain registration fees would be deducted from the refunds.

Please note if your account has been suspended for abuse there will be no refund.

Invoices that have been paid more than once with multiple Subscriptions, refund can only be added as credit towards the account and cannot be refunded via payment gateway on our site or Bank Transfer.

Refunds are forbidden if you have used 25% or more of your allocated bandwidth usage on any of your products.

Refunds are at our discretion and may be refused for any reason.

Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade the shared hosting plans at anytime.


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