Master Reseller

Sell cPanel Reseller and cPanel Accounts

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All plans include

  • c-Panel, WHM
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited Database
  • Latest PHP Technology
  • 400+ Softaculous Apps
  • Weekly Backups
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Master Reseller
Master One Reseller
20 WHM, 100 cPanel Accounts
annually get (20% discount)
42000 /year
$136.36/yr ($11.38/m)
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  • DISK
    100GB Web Disk
  • DATA
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    Unlimited Email Accounts
  • SSL
    Free SSL Certificate
best value
Master Reseller
Master Two Reseller
80 WHM, 300 cPanel Accounts
annually get (20% discount)
54000 /year
$175.56/yr ($14.63/m)
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  • DISK
    150 Web Disk
  • DATA
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    Unlimited Email Accounts
  • SSL
    Free SSL Certificate
api automation

Lightning Fast Website

All sites are hosted on our Fully Optimized Server

Free SSL Certificate

All cPanel accounts under each WHM will get Free letsencrypt SSL Certificate Powered cPanel - Comodo.



Easy 1-click-installer

200+ Plugins - Powered by Softaculous, Install a Shopping Cart, Photo Gallery, a Blog or any other module in just 1 click

Master Reseller

Why choose Master Reseller?

You would be able to maximize your profit, host websites like a boss on a whitelabel hosting server.

best cpanel hosting
cPanel for Management

Each Client account has cPanel control panel.

Perfomance Optimized

The server is fully optimied for fast loading.

control panel
control panel
cPanel & WHM

The WHM & cPanel interface is easy to use.

Reseller Technical Specifications

Just what you need for a Basic Web Presence.

Software PLUS
Additional Software
Latest cPanel
MySQL 5.6 WordPress
phpMyAdmin Joomla, Prestashop
PHP 5.6/7.0/7.1/7.2/7.3 FTPES Supported Zend Engine
Restore Backup MSSQL Stored Procedures ionCube Loader
All SpecsAll SpecsAll Specs


Frequently Asked Questions about Master Reseller Hosting

cPanel Master Reseller Web hosting?
  • cPanel Master Reseller Web Hosting, allows you to Sell cPanel accounts, cPanel Reseller Accounts at your own price. You Can Become The Host using WHM to create resource to specific cPanel, cPanel Reseller accounts, it also lets you manage your customers. The WHM interface is easy to use, cPanel Master Resellers can add, monitor, suspend and delete accounts.

How Do I Transfer Web Pages To Server?
  • The most convenient way to transfer your website files to your new web hosting account is through FTP. You can connect to your other hosting account and download the files locally. Then you should upload them to your hosting account's main folder (usually public_html).

How can I secure my website?
  • Upgrade your website themes, plugins and core files, if none of these are up to date, your site will be vulnerable and it may be hacked. You can also Install security plugins, when possible.

    Use a strong username and password so that hackers will find it difficult using tools to guess your password.

    Use HTTPS instead of HTTP, As a consumer, you may already know to always look for the green https in your browser bar any time you’ll be providing sensitive information to a website. Most consumers know to recognize those five little letters as an important shorthand for security: they signal that it’s safe to provide financial information on that particular webpage.

    You may also activate cloudflare in your cpanel or register an account on, activate "I am under attack", this will keep bots away from accessing your websites.

Can I upgrade/downgrade between the shared hosting plans?
  • Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade the reseller hosting plans at anytime.